There are many carpet cleaners operating throughout Nottingham and like most things in life, the quality can differ between one and another quite considerably. 

At Derwent Cleaning Services we pride ourselves on being a truly professional carpet cleaning service operating the best and most advanced carpet and upholstery cleaning machinery and using absolute top quality carpet cleaning products without compromise.

When you hire our professional carpet cleaning service we carry out a unique multi-step cleaning process. Derwent Cleaning Services champions the use of safe cleaning solutions and combine that with high performance equipment, training, and over 10 years experience, we believe we are second to no one.

If you are thinking of hiring a carpet cleaning machine from your local supermarket or hire centre, then please check out our blog post on the possible pitfalls of this.    



In addition, if you are considering a really cheap quote off the Internet from a non-certified carpet cleaner,  you will only do this once and never again. We hear horror stories from new customers who have experienced this. One lady in Bramcote, Nottingham recently called us after she had allowed a local cleaner with a hire machine to attempt to clean her expensive gold suite.  It ended in disaster when her  gold and red striped fabric turned into a pink nightmare and we could do nothing to help her, it was too late, this damage was irreversible.

Our independently verified and genuine customer reviews for our carpet and upholstery cleaning service are easy to access and are always up to date.  Again, these reviews are accepted as genuine by Checkatrade as they vet all reviews written for ongoing quality assurance.  Anyone can write a review, make up a name and publish it on their website and claim for it to be genuine, and who would know? You know you can trust that our reviews are 100% genuine, from real customers of ours, and are not fabricated in any way. 

We are constantly updating our cleaning training because in the carpet cleaning industry there is always something new to learn .

We offer free advice to both existing customers and telephone enquirers and wherever possible we will endeavour to save you money.

Our quotations are always free and our assessment of the outcome of having your carpets cleaned is always honest. We'll never give false promises and try to be as candid as possible at all times.

We are the only carpet & upholstery cleaning company in Nottingham to be both Checkatrade Approved and Trading Standards Approved.  We are also DBS checked,  thus enabling you to book your free consultation and quotation with confidence.

You can read our up to date reviews on the Checkatrade website. As previously stated these reviews are vetted by Checkatrade and they also monitor our standards of service on an ongoing basis.

The link below will take you to our latest reviews

If you live in Nottingham or Derbyshire and are looking for a carpet cleaner you can trust, call now.

We clean domestic carpets, we clean office carpets and carpets in residential homes where an honest reliable service is the only kind to cut it. We provide this service in a conscientious manner and all with a smile on our face. Carpet cleaning doesn't get any better than this.

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