​​​​​Carpet Cleaning in Ilkeston and Heanor

by a Checkatrade and Trading Standards Approved Company

​Our deep clean process consists of many stages in order to ensure a clean that you would expect from a company with our credentials. Spot cleaning comes as standard and although we cannot guarantee to remove 100% of stains, we can however, get most stains out of carpets most of the time. If a carpet cleaning company guarantees to remove all spots and stains, they're not being honest because that is an unachievable claim. Some stains just do not come out, but be reassured MOST do!

As well as carpets, we clean upholstery in both residential homes and commercial premises.  Chairs and reception sofa's get grubby and need a fresh start from time to time. Office chairs can be relatively inexpensive to clean especially if you're going to have a number of them cleaned at once.​

For a free quotation, without obligation, give us a call on 01158 547656 and we'll arrange a brief visit to assess the costs for you and to give you an honest opinion of the outcome of ​any cleaning works. We'll be completely honest about it, if its not going to work to your satisfaction, we'll say so. We'll honour carpet cleaning quotes for 3 months so once a quote has been completed, there's no rush and you decide​ when to have it done, we wont call you, its your choice. We can also give you an accurate estimate over the phone with some information from you, such as room sizes and so on.

Our policy is to use non-detergent based cleaning products which offer a healthier alternative to harsh carpet cleaning chemicals traditionally used by some carpet cleaners. Our products are safe to use around children and pets.