​​​​Carpet Cleaning in Linby and Hucknall​       

by a Nottinghamshire Trading Standards & Checkatrade  Approved Trader

With years of experience in the carpet and upholstery cleaning industry, Derwent Cleaning Services are pleased to offer our wealth of knowledge and experience to customers old and new in Hucknall and Linby. 

Carpets will last for years and years if cleaned regularly and correctly maintained. 

Almost daily we will see carpet damage caused by the use of inappropriate cleaning products purchased from supermarkets by panic stricken homeowners trying to sort out an accident that has recently occurred. This is particularly true of the damage caused to wool carpets by products containing oxygenating boosters as these types of cleaning products can bleach carpets. So what happens is, where you once had a stain, you now have a yellow patch!

We also look after many properties for landlords who get us in to clean the carpets when a tenancy has come to its end. We also do a great number of cleans for tenants looking to secure the return of their deposit before moving on to pastures new. 

As well as cleaning and restoring carpets we also offer an upholstery cleaning service, breathing new life into sofa's and chairs and giving them a fresh start.

As one of Nottingham's​​​ leading carpet and upholstery cleaning companies we actively promote the use of environmentally responsible cleaning solutions. These modern cleaning products are free from synthetic detergents and use a blend of mineral salts which have been classified as safe to use in a food preparation environment making these products safe to use in the home where there may be children or pets and people with asthma and chemical sensitivities. Another benefit of these greener cleaning products is that they do not leave a sticky residue behind on the carpet fibres. This is good because it means that the carpets will stay clean for longer as sticky residues cause dirt particles to adhere to the carpet causing it to get dirty really quickly. This is where the thinking that once you have your carpet cleaned it gets dirty quicker comes from. Regular cleaning using these modern products means cleaner, healthier and longer lasting carpets.

Our carpet cleaning process's in Hucknall and Linby follow a very strict routine repeated again and again to achieve outstanding results for our happy and satisfied customers. We invest in top of the range machinery and equipment and are fully trained and insured for your peace of mind. So call Derwent for your next carpet clean and see the difference.

We offer free quotes and a no obligation service.