​​​​Carpet Cleaning in Mapperley and Woodthorpe 

by a Checkatrade and Trading Standards Approved Trader

Nottingham based, Derwent Cleaning Services are your local experts for carpet and upholstery cleaning in Mapperley, Woodthorpe and Arnold. We offer a truly professional carpet cleaning service backed by over 10 years of experience in the carpet cleaning industry. 

Stain removal from carpets is a difficult process and usually requires specialist knowledge. It's not made any easier when panicked homeowners understandably 

attempt to have a go with carpet cleaning products bought from supermarkets which are like sledgehammer products not designed to target specific stains and in many cases can actually cause damage by affecting the dye in the wool or bleaching carpets.

This is particularly true of carpet cleaning products using ''oxi'' boosters when used on wool carpets. This type of carpet cleaner is for use on synthetic carpets like nylon and if you watch the tv ads, there is always small print stating that the product is tested on nylon carpets. Even then it should be extracted and not left in the carpet.

A professional carpet cleaner will need to ask many questions about the construction of the carpet and nature of the stain before attempting any stain removal. Once this information has been gathered, they can then attempt to treat the carpet stain.

At Derwent Cleaning Services we know that we have a much greater chance of completely removing a stain if its not been touched before we arrive.

So if you are looking for carpet cleaning in Mapperley or Woodthorpe ​ book your slot today. Our clients are always amazed at how clean we can leave their carpets. Even marks that have been there for years can often disappear straight away as if by magic. However we must be realistic and say that the old stain left by your puppy is unlikely to come out after all this time. By having the whole carpet though, it should lighten and be much easier to live with.

If you require carpet cleaning, please give us a call for a free quotation on:

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