Eco friendly carpet cleaning

Nowadays the is an alternative to the harsh nasty chemicals that have been used to clean carpets in the past. Products that are safe for both children and pets. Products that do not leave a heavy cloud of chemical fumes.

Creating a healthier environment for our loved ones is important to all of us.  Here at Derwent Cleaning Services we are taking a progressive stance on the use and promotion of these new products​​​. We strongly believe that the new generation of food based cleaning products create a more healthy environment for you and us as we clean your carpets.


Detergent Free Cleaning


The detergent free products we endorse for your carpets and upholstery clean, are the ultimate in healthy natural cleaning. Our detergent free products use natural mineral salts to enhance and  improve the cleaning power of water.

These natural minerals are:

  • Sodium Chloride (salt)

  • Sodium Citrates  (used in medicines, cheese and soft drinks)

  • Sodium Carbonate (a water softener used in the production of soap and paper)

  • Sodium Bicarb (used in baking, drinks and medicines)

  • Lactic acid (found in milk, wine and fruits and also used as a food additive

These natural ingredients help convert soiling and staining into soap and assist the rinsing and flushing power of water. The end result is an amazing clean without using harsh chemicals which damage the environment.

The detergent free clean we provide does not contain any petrochemicals, bleaches, enzymes, solvents, surfactants or any other man made chemicals. Our solutions are VOC free and will not contribute to poor indoor air quality.

Other great benefits of detergent free carpet cleaning are:

  • No rapid re-soiling​ as any residues are rinsed away using the power of specially softened water

  • Safe for humans and pets alike

  • Amazing cleaning results​