Frequently asked questions about our carpet cleaning service

Q. Does a carpet become dirty quicker once its cleaned?

A. No, not if you employ the services of a professional carpet cleaning company, with fully certified, trained technicians with state of the art equipment and cleaning products like ours  You must know there are a number of people trying to earn a living from carpet cleaning, you've only got to look on Facebook. Unfortunately, people who have bought cheap, underpowered machines, usually old and second hand from online auction sites, who lack expertise and training do not have the ability to rinse out all the likely harsh detergents they have used to clean carpets. These machines along with the dreaded hire machines do not remove all of the cleaning product used to get your carpet clean and will leave sticky residues in the carpet which will hold on to any dirt or dust that lands on it after they have been cleaned. We are regularly called to re-clean carpets that have been cleaned with hire machines and the first thing we do is rinse them with clean water and you would be astounded at the state of the water when this is done. Our machinery is the very latest, all singing, all dancing specially designed to rinse carpets out properly and dry them quickly. These machines cost thousands of pounds and require a strict maintenance program to keep them in tip top condition. Rinsing carpets properly is making your carpets safe for use again and they won't require cleaning again in a hurry.

Q. Why should i use Derwent Cleaning Services to clean my carpets?

A. Our customer service and conscientious attitude to our work puts us head and shoulders above most other carpet cleaners.

We are a small family run business with an excellent reputation for our high standard of competence and reliability. Our carpet and upholstery cleaning is always performed by ourselves because we are proud of our reputation and we never sub-contract work out to make a commission. We always arrive on time or notify you of any unavoidable delays so you're not kept hanging around unsure of whats happening. 


The price we quote is the price you pay - no hidden extras.


We choose the correct process each time to clean your carpets and upholstery.

Q. How long do carpets take to dry?

A. There isn't a definitive drying time as there are so many variables that govern this such as:

  • The length and type of carpet fibres

  • Atmospheric conditions on the day. Is it a warm day, is it humid?

For an average carpet with medium soiling you should expect a drying time of around 3 hours. There are a few  companies that advertise drying times of an hour but this is a surface clean and not the deep clean we offer. We can do the same for you if required, but your carpets will likely re-soil at a faster rate, which is not really what you are looking for is it?

We can also offer a drying service which comes at an extra cost, please ask for details.

Q. How do you charge?

A. We work out your price by calculating the time it will take us to do the job and the cost of the cleaning products we will use. Empty properties can be completed quicker because there is no furniture to move so that makes a difference to the final cost of cleaning. If we have to move all the furniture then this will impact on costs.

Q. Are you fully trained and certified?

A. Oh yes, and we are constantly updating and refreshing our training.

We take our business very seriously and keenly keep up to date with the latest methods and products.

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