Leather Sofa Cleaning

Derwent Cleaning Services offers a specialist leather upholstery cleaning service in the Nottingham and Nottinghamshire area.


Most leather sofas and chairs are able to be successfully cleaned to a very high standard using Derwent Cleaning Services premium quality cleaning solutions and protectors which ensure your leather upholstery is left clean, fresh, supple and residue free to avoid re-soiling.


Derwent Cleaning Services are able to bring back to life leather seating, taking years off valuable leather sofas and chairs, removing built-up grime and oil based staining that can often accumulate on leather upholstered furniture.

Cleaning leather upholstery requires a completely different approach to cleaning fabrics.  Please see our page on the different types of leather and you will see how varied a process it can be depending on the type of leather used.

The Derwent Cleaning Services leather upholstery cleaning process explained:

  • Only once we are confident the leather upholstery can be cleaned to a satisfactory condition will we start our cleaning process.

  • Leather inspected.

  • A thorough vacuum is carried out.

  • Specialist leather cleaners are carefully applied.

  • Brush agitation works the cleaner deep into the grain.

  • Soils removed.

  • Leather is towel dried.

  • Leather protector applied to restore suppleness.

Please call us here at Derwent Cleaning Services to arrange a free, no obligation, quote and have your leather looking its best once again!

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