​​​​​Commercial Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning

This is our bread and butter! Tea and coffee stained, commercial glued down carpets that need a freshen up, bring it on!

Clean carpets in an office always seems to give work colleagues a boost.

A quick call is all it takes to get the professionals on site, getting to work on your office carpet, removing stains and help bring back it's original colour.

Our belt and braces approach will remove, or at least dramatically reduce in appearance, even the oldest stains.

We can deodorise carpets as well as leave protection behind meaning that your carpet maintenance visits will be less frequent, saving you time, money and hassle.

We are not just expert carpet cleaners, we can rejuvenate your office chairs too. Office chairs get grubby and can be brought back to life for very little cost, in fact you won't believe how little it can cost when you're having a few done at once. It's obvious that staff hate sitting on dirty office chairs and how much they appreciate it when you get them cleaned. 


So if your office chairs need a clean, we can have them cleaned and dried in no time at all.

Remember also that chairs and sofa's in your reception are the first thing visitors to your company see and dirty and grubby carpets and upholstery just won't cut it with some of your ​visitors. 

Our carpet and upholstery cleaning services have been used by many companies and local authorities where high levels of security, discretion and professionalism are paramount. 


When health and safety may be an issue, we can carry out risk assessments and supply method statements should they be required









We have over a decade of experience in this sector, and our clients include amongst others: 

Network Rail, Notts County in the Community, Rushcliffe Borough Council, Sankey, Pedigree Pet Foods, Specsavers, Evans Halshaw and many, many​ more.

The system we use for commercial, glued down carpets differs somewhat from domestic carpets because the carpets are made completely differently.  Secondly, in an office environment the need to keep moisture down is paramount especially where you have sensitive computer equipment and electrical hardware.  Also, you do not want damp carpets and misty windows when everyone returns to their desks.

The cleaning products that are used for office carpets are also very important. We use products that are safe for use around people with asthma, those who may have chemical sensitivities and have been classified by the food standards agency as being safe for use in environments like yours.

The method we use reduces carpet drying times dramatically, meaning the office will be ready for use again and not damp for days creating a humid atmosphere and slip hazards.

We have years of accumulated knowledge and experience cleaning carpets in offices and shops and cater for the smallest business to any large enterprise. W​e are flexible in our work and can offer an out of hours service to suit your needs.

Benefits of Carpet Cleaning for Commercial Spaces


Carpets enhance the beauty and charm of commercial spaces and offices. Keeping your carpet clean is quite a challenging task as most of your visitors will bring in mud, salt, sludge and debris which can lead to carpet stains. However, if you keep your carpet clean and well-maintained, it can do wonders for your business.


Here are 4 major benefits of carpet cleaning for commercial spaces:

1) Create a really impressive first impression

Clean carpets improve the look of your office. A well-maintained and properly carpeted office doesn’t just add charm and elegance to the decor, it makes a great impression among those who visit your office for the very first time. A good first impression is essential for your business.


2) Initiate time saving

Cleaning your office or any other commercial space is a time-consuming task. However, carpet cleaning will help you save time as professional carpet cleaners mostly clean at night or weekends when there is no one around, and are experienced enough to manage their task in a short span of time.


3) Improved air quality

The dirt, debris and dust hidden in carpet fibres can pollute the air which results in odours and respiratory problems.  If someone drops tea or coffee, bear in mind the smell it will give off. Keep in mind that the use of harsh chemicals for carpet cleaning will result in unpleasant smells and will have an adverse impact on your health. Choose a professional cleaner who uses green chemicals.


4) Pro-actively remove allergens

Carpet cleaning helps in removing allergens. Professional cleaners use effective chemicals and machines made only for cleaning purposes, which extract more dust and allergens and detoxify your commercial space or office.


Why You Should Hire Professional Carpet Cleaning Services

Carpet cleaning work should be done at a time when it does not affect your work or business. Apart from this, carpet cleaning requires a lot of skills and equipment which is only possible with a commercial cleaner. The best part is you get good quality work at low rates, so you should always consider professional cleaners for carpet cleaning.


Derwent Cleaning Services are a leading professional cleaning service provider in Nottingham. We provide the best carpet cleaning service for your office and commercial space. For more information about our services, call us on 01158 547656.

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