Thinking of renting or buying a do it yourself carpet cleaning machine? Here's why you should th

Everyone knows carpets that are left unclean are a haven for allergens, dust, dirt and other pollutants. But did you also know reaching for a DIY carpet cleaning machine may not leave your carpets as clean as you think?

DIY carpet machines do not have anywhere near the extraction power required to remove moisture from your carpets which may well leave your carpets too wet leading to mould growth or a bacterial bloom, both of which lead to very smelly carpets and are very hazardous to your health.

Did you also know that professional carpet steam cleaning extracts a higher level of dirt and allergens from your carpet at a deeper level within the carpet fibres.

As well as this, if your carpets are under warranty, were you aware that most manufacturers will not honour the warranty unless they have been cleaned and maintained by a professional carpet cleaner? Regular cleaning of your carpets by a professional carpet cleaner will ensure they last for years. Experts say as long as 15 plus years.

If you have high traffic levels you should consider having your carpets cleaned by a professional carpet cleaner at least once a year possibly more if you have children and pets.

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