You've bought a new home, how should you clean it?

Cleaning and preparing your new home

A new home should really be a fresh start, but how fresh it actually is really depends on how clean the previous owners were. Strategically positioned furniture may have made them more likely to ''forget'' to remove the carpet stains, cobwebs and remnants of cooking disasters with them when they left. This of course means its up to you to clean the home when you move in. The best time to get your carpets cleaned is while the house is empty of furniture, before the removal van arrives. This time is the easiest your house will ever be to clean.

Following these tips will make it even easier.

Clean top to bottom:

You have bought the cleaning products and organised your cleaning team (mother in law, friends and family etc) so now the plan.

Start in the bedrooms, clearing out and dusting what you can.

Vacuum out the windowsills using a crevice tool to suck out anything stuck in the corners. Once that's done continue the clean by wiping down with multi surface cleaner or polish. Lastly vacuum the carpets.

Do the kitchen:

As this is the area where all the family meals will be cooked, this is the area requiring extra special attention. Use a stepladder to reach the top of cupboards and shelves, pull out the appliances and vacuum clean these areas where there may be food spillages. When cleaning ovens, a baking powder paste will cut through the grease making an easier job of it

Clean the carpets properly:

This job is definitely best done before the furniture arrives. You may be tempted with a hire machine but without doubt a professional carpet cleaning company will clean deeper and have the carpets drier faster than any hire machine available from the local supermarket. My company, Derwent Cleaning Services have been cleaning carpets in Nottingham for the last 10 years and can offer a complete carpet cleaning service including a carpet drying service so your carpets will be ready to use that day. We will also rinse out the entire cleaning product which means that there will be nothing left in the carpet. Detergents left in carpet will leave a sticky residue, which will attract dirt making them get dirty faster.

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