Common Methods of Carpet Cleaning

Carpet cleaning is not as simple and straightforward a process as you may think. It is a complex process where careful consideration must be given to the most suitable equipment and chemicals to use to ensure the highest standard of carpet clean for our customers, whilst simultaneously ensuring no harm comes to the carpet.

Remember we are trained professionals! Do not let anyone near your carpets unless you are completely satisfied they understand the science of carpet cleaning! For example, does the person cleaning your carpets understand about colourfastness? Do they know about the different types of cleaning solutions required for different types of carpet? Do they even know how to tell what kind of carpet it is? Do they know how to check for pre-existing damage to the carpet and ensure your carpets have been fitted correctly? Is their carpet cleaning equipment powerful enough to do the job? We here at Derwent Cleaning Services are fully trained in the science of carpet cleaning and are fully equipped to deal with the majority of your carpet cleaning requirements.

Here is a guide to the most common methods of carpet cleaning undertaken by us here at Derwent Cleaning Services, Nottingham.

Pre-Treatment of Carpets prior to Cleaning

In the majority of cases a pre-treat is applied to the carpet prior to cleaning. Pre-treatment essentially involves spraying the carpets with a pre-spray solution which helps loosen the soil and dirt prior to the full carpet cleaning process.

Here’s what we do here at Derwent Cleaning:-

1. Vacuum carpets thoroughly as required

2. Dilute an appropriate, professional, pre-spray to the manufacturer’s instructions.

3. Spray the carpet, especially in heavy traffic zones and other heavily soiled areas and allow to soak, as appropriate, before extracting or bonneting.

Extraction Carpet Cleaning

Extraction carpet cleaning is the most thorough and effective method of removing soil from carpets, and is the most common form of carpet cleaning used in domestic properties. Extraction carpet cleaning essentially involves the injection of a cleaning fluid at high pressure, and if appropriate, high temperatures, into the carpet pile. The soil is then loosened and/or dissolved into the cleaning fluid which is almost immediately vacuumed up again into the extraction machine’s recovery tank. Extraction cleaning is highly effective and should be carried out at regular intervals to maintain a high standard cleanliness and hygiene in your home, not to mention extend the life of your carpet.

Bonnet Carpet Cleaning

Bonnet carpet cleaning is a technique mainly used in commercial carpet cleaning and can be used to keep carpets clean whilst drastically minimising drying times. The basic bonnet carpet cleaning technique involves the use of a rotary floor machine fitted with a pad or bonnet, which has been immersed in a cleaning solution. The cleaning solution loosens the soil from the carpet and is attracted onto the yarn bonnet, whilst the friction between the bonnet and the carpet aids the drying of the pile. The bonnets provide both absorbency and high scrubbing action.

• Bonnet carpet cleaning is used to remove the soil that is held to the carpet by an oily film, which generally is not removed by simple vacuuming.

• If used regularly this method of carpet cleaning can minimise the spread of soiling from entrances, reception areas, and heavy traffic zones to other areas of carpet.

• As the operation is quick and the drying time very short, no down time of the traffic zones is required, often an important consideration in deciding on the choice of carpet cleaning procedure for businesses.

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