Basic Carpet Care

Control Soil

Dry soil is abrasive and will damage carpet fibres if not removed quickly. Foot traffic will agitate these soil particles causing them to damage carpet fibres, leading to a gradual deterioration in the overall appearance of your carpet, not to mention the germs it introduces.

The most damaged areas are usually around entrance areas. Once deposited at an entrance, the soil particles are carried to other areas of the home or building, leading to further deterioration in the appearance of the carpets.

The key is to significantly reduce the amount of soil entering your home or commercial premises by having entrance matting placed at all entrances. Ideally, these should remove, absorb and contain soil and moisture at the point of entry. Finally, you should regularly vacuum and periodically wet clean entrance matting if appropriate.

Effective Vacuuming

Regular vacuuming of carpets, using a good quality vacuum cleaner, is an important factor in prolonging the life of carpets and controlling the amount of dust within your home or commercial premises. Care should be taken to ensure that any vacuum cleaners used are effective in containing dust within its system, thus minimising the amount of dust re-entering the atmosphere.

Immediate Spotting

The key to removing spots or stains is prompt action and using a professional carpet cleaning product. Be careful about using harsh carpet cleaning products from the supermarket as these can bleach some carpets and this is not reversible, we are often called out to these kinds of problems, so beware. Most spots and stains can be easily removed if tackled immediately, or reasonably soon after the event. If allowed adequate contact time, or if they are ignored, the components of the spot or stain can react with or bond with carpet fibres, often causing permanent staining.

Regular Professional Cleaning

All carpets, whether in domestic or commercial premises, should be suitably deep cleaned, at the very least, once a year by a professional carpet cleaning company. Areas that are subjected to heavy traffic or if you have children or pets should, however, be deep cleaned more regularly. If imbedded soil is not removed periodically, it will become impacted and extremely difficult to remove. Carpets around entrance areas should be cleaned frequently, to deal with the larger accumulations of dust and soil particles that can be carried around the building.

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