How we removed red wine and blood from an 80% wool carpet

Household carpets can have a number of different types of staining, from chemical or artificial to stains of a more organic nature.

For this blog post we thought we would look at 2 of our recent carpet cleaning jobs that also featured natural stain removals as part of the cleaning process.

For the first job, our customer had been unwell and had lost blood on their 80% wool carpet. They had to go into hospital and called us when they were able to come home again. Blood stains in a carpet are tricky and need expert knowledge to remove them. Many people are tempted to get down on their knees with hot water to scrub the carpet (never scrub a carpet by the way). This actually cooks the blood and sets it in the carpet.

We were able to remove the stain and get it dry in time for appointments as they were selling their home. Nobody will get a good impression of a property with blood stains in the carpet.

The second type of stain we have tackled recently was a red wine stain in the carpet – in fact we actually completed this job in Beeston just this morning so these images are hot off the press as sent in by Gary, our qualified carpet technician.

By using the correct techniques and child/pet friendly cleaning products, we were able to remove all of this particular red wine stain in the carpet. Once the stains were removed we used our van mounted carpet cleaning system to give the surrounding area a deep clean.

If you, or someone you know have similar “stains” then please don’t hesitate to contact us for a free, no obligations quote for carpet cleaning or stain removal!

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