​​​Carpet Cleaning Stain Removal Guide​


  • Blot up as much of the liquid stain as possible using a soft, white absorbent material such as a towel or some kitchen roll. The longer the stain remains in the carpet, the greater the possibility of a stain becoming permanent. Scraping away solid or semi solid stains should be done with a spoon and not a knife as we don't want to cut the fabric or burst the pile of the carpet. Never scrub away at a stain, scrubbing can have the opposite effect and can set a stain and again can burst the pile causing distortion. Vacuuming away as much of the solid stain is a good thing.

  • Always test your chosen cleaning product in an inconspicuous area. Follow instructions to the letter - do not just ''chuck a load'' on. Apply just a few drops and then press or blot a towel or piece of kitchen roll over it for 30 seconds.  

  • Check the towel/kitchen roll and carpet for the colour releasing from the carpet.

  • Patience is a virtue when it comes to removing spots from carpet.

  • Be careful not to over wet the carpet as this can cause damage.

  • The best clean is to call a pro as a good technician​ should be able to get most stains to a state where they can be extracted using powerful machinery.

  • if your carpets are wool, please be especially careful with store bought stain removers as they can bleach your carpet and this is permanent.  

Derwent Cleaning Services sells a bottle spot cleaner suitable for use on all carpets and upholstery.  This is a professional spot cleaner not available in supermarkets or shops.  It is a specialist product used by professional carpet cleaners. Contact us if you would like to purchase a bottle.  We have many, many customers who purchase this and swear by it and they recommend it their friends and family!

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