Office carpet cleaning


We are proud to offer our carpet cleaning service throughout Nottingham and can assist with both domestic and commercial office carpet cleaning. 

We have over a decade of carpet cleaning experience and have gathered a wealth of carpet cleaning knowledge.

We have over the years cleaned carpets and upholstery in every type of situation. We are the chosen carpet cleaner  for many, many  private homes and businesses. We clean commercial offices, hotels, restaurants and church halls. We've cleaned carpets everywhere. Each year we must clean over a million square feet of carpet and deal with a multitude of issues. If we've never met your issue before, we belong to a nationwide network of carpet cleaning specialists who are on hand to assist should we require it.

We are both TRADING STANDARDS and CHECKATRADE approved for your assurance so you can book with confidence. Need a DBS vetted cleaning business to clean your carpets and upholstery then look no further.

Before cleaning your carpets we will:

1. Discuss with you what we do and how we do it.

2. Test your carpets for the risk of shrinkage and check for colour fastness.

3. Assess the safest and most appropriate method to clean your carpets

4.For most carpets this means using our van mounted industrial cleaning system which gives a superior clean and faster drying times.

Our industrial cleaning system is van mounted which has great benefits for our customers as this keeps all the noise, disturbance and excess moisture away from the home. Our carpet cleaning system is recommended by almost all carpet manufacturers because it is gentle with carpet fibres and cleans really deep down in the carpet producing a fabulously superior clean.

Carpet cleaning in Nottingham by a truly professional carpet cleaning company will give your carpets a really thorough clean that lasts a long time . No short cuts to save ourselves some money, we clean your carpets in the same way that we would clean our own carpets.

Carpet manufacturers recommend an annual carpet clean to maintain appearances but if you have pets or children and want your carpets looking their best you may wish to consider shorter intervals between carpet maintenance cleans.

If you wish to talk about your carpet maintenance schedule or get a free survey to discuss the outcome of getting your carpets cleaned or to make a booking, please call 01158 547656.

We have invested heavily in the most modern, powerful and controllable carpet and upholstery cleaning equipment available to buy in the UK. It is absolutely state of the art. Our machinery is installed onboard the van for minimum noise and disruption for you and your neighbours. We use detergent free cleaning products which produce amazing and exceptional results on carpets and upholstery. Most marks and stains are removed first time but stubborn marks are retreated with specialised products. 




The myth that carpet cleaning will ruin your carpets is now truly out of date. Many years ago, carpets were cleaned with very harsh, and not very sophisticated chemicals, and machinery that wasn't really fit for purpose. The combination of harsh detergents and underpowered machinery left chemicals in the fibres and fabric being cleaned, this in turn left carpets and upholstery in a tacky state which traps dirt.  As a result people lost faith with having carpets and upholstery cleaned at all.

For most of the big cleaning companies, things have moved on since then. 

The introduction of detergent free cleaning products and newer super efficient machines mean that rapid re-soiling is now a thing of the past. Not all companies have invested in new technologies though and with the availability of old equipment on major online auction sites it's still a risk, but the serious companies have spent money on new equipment and wouldn't dream of using cheap contract cleaning detergents in order to turn a quick profit. 

Modern solutions and techniques leave carpets and fabrics cleaner, drier and without sticky or alkaline residues.

Further developments have occurred with the introduction of organisations like WOOLSAFE who monitor new products for their safe use on carpets and upholstery. 


Your carpets are in good hands.

We take great care cleaning your carpets. The cost of replacing a carpet can run from £100's to £1000's. We know how important it is to get it right first time. We Guarantee you outstanding results. This is all backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

We are Nottingham Carpet Cleaners 

 Derwent (carpet & upholstery) cleaning services.

We use high power deep cleaning  steam extraction machines.

Our cleaning machines are operated by fully trained, uniformed and insured technicians.

We are an independently owned and operated family run company.


Being environmentally friendly - gets our stamp of approval.


As carpet cleaners with over a decade of involvement in carpet and upholstery cleaning and training we know from experience that it is possible to achieve fantastic results on even the most trashed carpets and there are examples in our online gallery.


Our preferred choice of carpet cleaning solutions are considered the safest in the industry and are safe to use around asthmatics and people with allergies. These are much safer for your family and pets. The solutions we use are of the highest quality and have been extensively tested for non toxicity. We have given these products our Baby Safe stamp of approval.


These eco friendly products are:

  • Detergent-free cleaning

  • Based on food-grade ingredients

  • No bleaches

  • No enzymes

  • No surfactants

  • No solvents

  • Non hazardous

  • Odour-free

  • Safe for children and pets

Pet odour removal services.


Family pet odour as well as stain removal are one of the most frustrating factors of being the owner of carpeted floors and the fact that you simply cannot remove these odours easily. You can't wipe up urine from a carpet in the same manner you are able to wipe it up off a wooden floor. 


The fact is that, for a lot of things spilled onto rugs and carpeting, a percentage of it is there to stay if you do not have the stain and odour swiftly taken care of by the experts.

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